New leaves

opal new look2-1Spring is here and I’m celebrating. Not just because of the change in the weather but because my Opal Moonbaby books are coming out in new editions this May, all with dazzling new cover illustrations by the wonderful illustrator, Tony Ross.

I’m thrilled with Tony’s illustrations and with the design of these vibrant and colourful covers. They seem to bring Opal Moonbaby bounding right out of the pages at us – which is just right, because Opal would definitely do that if she could, and bounce all over us too.


I hope readers will like these new opal new look3-1jackets as much as I do. If you have an opinion I’d love to hear what you think. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, don’t they? But I think it’s a very tough cookie that isn’t even a teeny bit influenced by the images on covers when they’re deciding which book to read next.


And since Opal’s turning over a new leaf and having a fresh lick of paint, I reckoned my website could do with a bit of a spring clean and a new look too. Do come and visit at Maudie Smith



opal new look-1

So that’s the covers done, and the website. Now all I need to do is take off my smelly old woolly winter socks, clear the fluff from between my toes and get a decent haircut – and I’ll be properly ready for spring.


And then, summer! Wheee!