My World Book Day 2017


I had a brilliant World Book Day week this year. I spent three full days in three different schools and thanks to the help and enthusiasm of two particular teachers and one dedicated school librarian, every event ran smoothly. And by smoothly I mean sometimes chaotically, sometimes noisily and, hopefully, always downright joyfully. It certainly hasn’t always been this way – I’ve got my fair share of horror stories – so I’m very grateful to all my #WBD2017 co-planners!

I think a visit from an author should be a celebratory event – part show, part workshop, with lots of chatting and laughing, swapping news about books and a chance to inspire one another with the joy of reading and writing. At its best it can be a rewarding shared experience for children, author and teaching staff alike. That’s undeniably quite a big ask – especially of someone who hides behind their computer most of the time, and I certainly have to really gear myself up before an event. But if it all goes well then I may be exhausted as I trundle out of school with my giant wooden cake and my enormous bag on wheels, but I’ll be happy too.

This year, one boy was moved to say that my visit was the best day of his life. I’m aware that he may be one of those boys who has best days of his life most weeks, but I’m going to count that as a definite win!

Special thanks to Widcombe Juniors, Keevil and Christ Church Schools for making it all work so in the hat and me

Taking a moment to commune with an old friend during the school lunch break.