Bird Girl flying in!

Three Cheers Clipart #1

Hi everybody. I’ve got something to shout about! January has almost left us, the days are drawing out and the snowdrops are coming up. AND I’ve a new book coming out. It’s got a gorgeous cover, illustrated so beautifully by Lucy Fleming

Lucy’s hugely busy these days and much in demand so I feel very lucky to have her.

Bird Girl

Doesn’t this make you think of the lovely long summer days to come. Does it make you dream of the seaside too? Yes? Well in that case it’s doing its job perfectly because that’s exactly what Bird Girl is all about. It’s a summer adventure story set in a seaside town. Here’s a little taster.

Pink-haired Finch Field has always felt different. She dreams of flying – not in a plane, but swimming through the sky like a bird.

Her classmates laugh, and call her Dream Bird. But when Finch goes to stay with her beloved Granny Field for the summer, she finds herself face-to-face with a monster intent on stealing people’s dreams.

Finch must find a way to believe her own dreams can come true if she is to save the dreams of everyone in Sunview on Sea.

Bird Girl is summery and mysterious and maybe just a little bit scary. It’s published by Orion Children’s Books and comes out on 9th March. It should be in your library very soon, or you can buy a copy from your local independent bookshop, or from here.

Yes, spring is on its way and so is my new book – so that’s two reasons to celebrate.  Please join me in toasting the arrival of Finch Field. Here’s to Bird Girl! Cheers!


Maudie xx

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